Shenandoah Valley Basement Waterproofing

Hi. We are NVBWS and we believe in providing peace of mind for homeowners with water intrusion and foundation issues.

Since 2008, we have been working with real estate agents, property managers, and distressed homeowners, solving the worst of all real estate issues – foundation cracks and wet basements!

NVBWS has exclusive rights to market and install the Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System™ from the Shenandoah Valley, across Northern VA, and all the way to Virginia Beach.

As you probably know, true waterproofing is done on the outside of the home. We are a reputable waterproofing company in the community who specializes in excavation and exterior waterproofing.

We have proven consistently how our system stands up to the tests of time and Mother Nature, and we believe so much in the Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System that we provide a 25 Year, 100%, non-prorated Guarantee on all our work.

Here’s what our clients in the community have to say:

“Your wonderful work was tested severely this last couple of weeks, and the basement is still dry.  I’m so happy and I thank you again. I’ll give you as many references as you’d like :)  Thanks for everything.”
           – Deirdre Cochran 

 “We are quite happy with the work and you’ve accomplished exactly what I was envisioning.  While I hope it is not necessary, I wouldn’t hesitate to call you for additional work in the future.”
        – Don T.

We are here to help you as well. Just call or email and let us know how we can assist you.

Winchester Area: 540.313.6361

Northern Virginia: 703.866.0535

Richmond Area: 804.859.2544

 PS: We provide FREE consultations and estimates to current homeowners. There is, however, a $75 consultation fee for prospective buyers needing pre-buy inspections.

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